Monday, November 13, 2017


  This is The Sculpture Galaxy. Also known as The Silver Dollar or NGC 253, it never ventures more than 24° above our southern horizon. I doubt we could even point The Watson toward it. Therefore, I had to travel to Southern Georgia to get this shot. Although this image does have its share of issues, I believe it represents my best attempt at astrophotography to date. Hopefully, my contributions to this blog will be informative as well as entertaining as we journey through the universe together.

  Although I have been photographing the heavens since the 1980’s with all manner of camera/telescope combinations, I have much to learn. In a very real way, I am just beginning a new hobby. This summer, I purchased my first telescope designed for astrophotography, a Meade LX-850 telescope. With my trusty Canon 60D DSLR camera and new scope, I am ready to enter the world of astrophotography.

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